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Adminisphere - PPT Templates - RETAiL
Casual office themed Powerpoint template for the relaxed but professional office.

Sweet Blossom - PPT Templates - RETAiL
Flowery and garden bloomed with Sweet Blossom Powerpoint.

There and Back - PPT Tempaltes - RETAiL
PowerPoint Travel oriented template for destination vacation.

Doctor Plus - PPT Templates - RETAiL
A blue medical PowerPoint template to heal your presentations.

Floral Presentation - PPT Tempaltes - RETAiL
Awaken your visitors senses with this floral powerpoint theme and all of your presentations will bloom with success.

Soccer Goal - PPT Templates - RETAiL
An active soccer themed powerpoint presentation template.

Petpoint - PPT Templates - RETAiL
A pet themed powerpoint presentation featuring several animal breeds.

Fantastic Foods - PPT Templates - RETAiL
A food themed powerpoint presentation featuring a variety of dishes robot

Musical Waves - PPT Templates - RETAiL
Dance, play, and sing the day away because your promotional needs are satisfied with this disco inspired PowerPoint template design

Charting Your Finances - PPT Templates - RETAiL
Recession? Depression? Not with your investment vehicles. Show your clients how you will get them the bang for their buck with this portfolio growing powerpoint design.

Trendsto Go - PPT Template - RETAiL
This PowerPoint design template fuses fashion with fresh floral patterns. Designed with Microsoft Office 2007 friendly features.

Forward Designs -  PPT Templates - RETAiL
Stream sophisticated styles simply with a PowerPoint presentation that is vivaciously vibrant.

Online Openings - PPT Templates - RETAiL
A versatile hosting and global connectivity themed PowerPoint presentation, this design could quickly be applied to a number of other industries making it suitable for any business client.

Heart Stopper - PPT Templates - RETAiL
Our hearts are all a flutter to deliver this pulse pounding PowerPoint presentation to you. Get this loving design today to showcase any romantic message.

Fertile Grounds - PPT Templates - RETAiL
Looking to grow your portfolio? Fertilize the synapses and watch the seeds of inspiration sprout with this powerpoint presentation template.

Poised Structures - PPT - RETAiL
When presenting the building strategies, concepts, plans, and inventions of the day what better way to do so than through a polished PowerPoint presentation. Let this template serve that purpose with ease.